Madam Ori Skincare

Whipped Shea Butter- Rose with Oudh


Madam Ori’s custom formulated body butter is whipped to perfection with skin loving ingredients that work in synergy to promote and restore skin elasticity, intensive hydration relieving dryness, and leaving skin feeling soft, supple and silky smooth.

Madam Ori Whipped Shea Butter melts into your skin on touch and penetrates to protect and revitalise the skin, moisturises with the fatty acids found in the shea nut.

Some of the powerful benefits of Shea butter include but are not limited to:

- Brightens and Nourishes
- Hydrates and Moisturises
- Visibly tightens the skin
- Heals and repairs the skin
- Improves and evens out the skin tone
- Anti inflammatory properties

It also encourages the growth of hair, conditions and softens, seals in moisture and decreases breakage, while reducing dandruff and aiding in any scalp disorders.

Noted as our everything balm, this can be used on the Body, Hands, Face, Feet, Lips and Hair.

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